Saturday, June 18, 2011

Essay on Presentation Skills and Technology

Communication and humanity are coeval, in fact conveying ideas is not only limited to humans. Communication allows us to exchange our thoughts and facilitate the society’s advancement in the method of sharing knowledge with our contemporaries. Technology is one of the great contributors that possibly enhances the way we transmit information from one person to another, albeit nowadays many critics admonish us that we are loosing our balance of technology to human interaction.

Technology must remain subordinate to the content in a live presentation. Today there are innumerable devices to make our presentation more vivid and intriguing for the audience but even state-of-the art gadgets lack the ability to address people’s heart or intellect. We do not perfectly trust in technology and even if this situation might shift in the posterity, currently the best way to captivate our audience builds upon presentation skills. Sitting behind a computer and composing a consummate visual aid for a lecture is not inherent with a victorious positive reception from the audience. 

Incontestable, the visual effects are appealing to the human eye and may incite an intial supportive environment, but the sense we use to process the information in a live presentation is through our ears. There is no need to diminish the importance of presentation technology but it is merely a crutch that we can lead on in case we experience some sort of decrease in audience participation. 

It might sound like a trite, but imagination has no restrains, that is, a cogent well-prepared presenter has every ability to accomplish an errorless impressive presentation without using sophisticated technology.

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